Thursday, June 7, 2007

What if...You Gave Yourself a Break?

My oldest daughter had a big math test today. She was nervous and anxious last night, and I had to calm her down so she could sleep and feel comfortable going into her test. We talked it through for a few minutes and then I prayed with her. She didn’t feel as prepared for this test as she had for other tests, which I believe caused a little more anxiety than usual. I tried to reassure her that she was prepared and to do her best.

It made me think of how we, as adults, often cause our own anxiety because we are so focused on our performance and doing a ‘perfect’ job, that we sometimes forget about the learning experience along the way. I know I’m guilty of that!

Can you give yourself a break to do your best, even if it’s not perfect? Believe it or not, because we are human, there is nothing we can do perfectly!

Here are some ways to give yourself a break:

1. Ask yourself that great question “What’s important?” For example, is it more important to outperform and compete with your co-workers, or learn to work together as a team so you can provide excellence to all your projects and increase your company’s bottom line?

2. Tell yourself that you are doing your best. We are all talented in different ways, so what comes easy to others (which could mean doing something better), might take a little more effort on your part. So what? Focus on the areas that you are truly gifted in and support each other’s strengths!

3. Call for assistance when needed. For my daughter, I suggested going in early to talk to her math teacher for her questions, and/or talk to one of the kids in her class. We don’t have to know everything and do everything ourselves. Asking questions can relieve a lot of anxiety!

Live Out Loud ladies!


Lori Arriaga said...

Oh how I need to give myself a break especially as a mother and enjoy the learning process of my parenting mistakes.

Randee said...

Last night I was hosting a call with the Pink Collar Club. The discussion turned to performance-based living and spirituality. I confessed that I have lived a good portion of my life under the "demon" of performance.

God continues to work with me in this area of performance. I say "with" because I have my role and He has His.

He convicts and I make a listen or not. I marvel at His decision to give us free will. The ability to choose over and over again. Whether they be right or wrong or death choices.

May we choose life...just for this moment. Tomorrow may or may not be.