Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What If...The Sum Of The Parts Makes The Whole?

The sum of the parts makes the whole.

If I remember correctly from my old school days, a teacher once taught me this mathematical principle.

I love to design rooms. It's really one of my passions. I remember when my husband and I were just starting out. We were purchasing our first home with little money to "set up house" so I began scouring garage sales, flea markets, antique stores...wherever I could find beautiful little!

I began collecting the "parts"...a beautiful little statue for $12 dollars, paper mache dolls from Mexico for $7 a piece, old books (my favorite) and more. If I loved it, I bought it...sometimes scraping together change.

I had no idea how all these treasures would come together. My husband would joke with me. We'll have our own flea market. Keep the tags on!

But, somehow, after we moved in and I began placing all the parts together into lovely little vignettes...well, it was stunning! Little pictures of beauty wherever my eyes rested. I had created these "pictures". They were (and are) extremely valuable to me. I can tell you the story of each.

My Father created me...crafting together each little part to make the whole. Perhaps, He gathered these little parts within the scope of eternity knowing full well that when He put the parts together the whole would become...well, me. On my bolder days, I imagine Him looking down with an "I love're valuable" expression as He remembers His creation.

Sometimes, my little vignettes get dusty taking away from their beauty. I dust them off so that they're shining brightly.

I'm so very thankful that my Creator "dusts" me off and makes me beautiful. If only in His eyes!


Anne said...

Randee, I would love to see those vignettes that you've created! I love looking at beautiful things, especially when it involves a talent I don't possess; like yours. I used to have a friend who did flower arranging and I could sit for hours at a time watching her. There's something so beautiful in seeing someone create something. How important to see how God has created us as whole, the sum of our parts that he chose and wanted here on earth to love and be loved. As far as dusty - oh goodness I can relate to that. Without my mind and heart on him everyday, the dust piles up so quickly!

Lori Arriaga said...

Oh how I love the story behind things because that is what makes it so beautiful. Same for each one of us, it is the sum of all the parts that may have accumulated dust over the years in our life: the good and the bad that create the story and make us whole and beautiful.