Friday, June 1, 2007

What if..You Could Name Your Tune?

“Too many people die with their music still inside them”

Oscar Wilde

Remember that game show years ago called “Name That Tune?” When I do my Live Out Loud seminars, I take the audience through an exercise of how to ‘name their tune.’ It’s an exercise that allows each individual to learn how to shift from doing life to living life.
I remember the first time I heard Oscar Wilde’s quote, I was at my first coaching conference. The conference occurred right after I officially retired from my work as a therapist. That conference showed me how comfortable I was doing life as a therapist like it was second nature, but I had lost the excitement of the work, thus part of the reason for my career transition from counseling to coaching. The ‘music’ inside of me was dying, but the transition to coaching allowed me to compose a whole new symphony with energy and passion I didn’t know existed. I am very fortunate to have opportunities to not just compose, but play my ‘music’ through the venues of speaking, writing, and coaching.

How about you? Is there music still inside of you that you want to play? Is it something that was a part of your life, but is no more? Or, is it something within your reach, but you have not had the courage to go out and do it?


1. Identify your music.
2. If your music is a past item in your life, renew it if physically able to, or revamp it according to your abilities.
3. If your music requires courage, surround yourself with people who will support you and want to hear your tune!
4. Don’t just compose (think), perform (act on it)!

To keep with the music theme (and the new name for my business):
Live your life forte'! (out loud!)


Randee said...

I love the visual picture this paints, Lynn.


Lori Arriaga said...

This is exactly what I am needing to figure out with some things in my life and find my tune?

Bev said...

You have a wonderful blog and I enjoyed reading it. The questions really made me think... I'll have to come back often to see your new questions!

I found you through the Blog Catalog when I was searching for Christian related blogs to Blogtip.

Stop on over at my Glory In The Cross blog and check out what I wrote about you!

Have an awesome day!


Anne said...

Lynn, how heartening to read about how you found your own music. I'm going to be thinking and praying about your first action step. I'm not sure if I've identified my music yet, but I think being a part of the "What If" women blog is a step on the path for me.

Anne said...

Bev, thanks for joining us! I did pop over to your blog and saw that Randee had been there as well. How delightful to be meeting other women of God this way!

lifecoachlynn said...

I think sometimes we expect we can 'name our tune in 3 notes or less' meaning we have to get our 'groove' as soon as possible. God provides plenty of opportunities for us to find the passion and music, but sometimes we pass up those opportunities because we don't believe it's on the 'right' path.
God can change our taste in music depending on what season of life we are in. We can enjoy many different kinds of music if we open our hearts! (I can't say I like country music though! LOL :)

lifecoachlynn said...

So glad you found us and introduced us to your blog!

Anne said...

Lynn, yes, I do think that you've hit on a key point about the seasons of our life. Right now as all children are grown, or close to grown, I'm finding more time to be creative than I've had since I was young. I'm not sure which creative stream to follow, because I love more than one very much. Kind of Creative ADD, I suppose, and I also suppose God will keep directing me in those paths too, as he did by including me in this What If blog venture!

Randee said...


As they say...variety is the spice of life. I happen to love your multiple creative outlets and embrace them all!

I was writing to Lynn the other day about "creative ideas" and how I often like to throw them on the wall (so to speak) and see what sticks. This can be overwhelming for some but for's perfectly natural.

Dancing to the beat of my own drum and how I love dancing feet!

Anonymous said...


Loved this! I reember a time when music was HUGE part of my life. Looking back - I think I was more realxed and less stressed. I had certian rhythm to life.
Perhaps need to get back to finding my own music sheets and dancing like no one is watching.

Randee said...

We have a dance ministry at my church and at our last service, 6 young women from the ages of 2 to 22 (yes, 2) performed. It was so lovely. It's amazing to me how these young ladies seem to have "named their tune" and express it through beautiful movement of their temples.

Olivia and I are to begin our own dance for the Lord this summer...a mother-daughter tribute to our Heavenly Father!