Monday, June 25, 2007

What if... the whole world viewed marriage and sex as holy?

After working on last week's Mirror Mirror on the Wall book project on the 10 commandments I thought the 7th commandment was a great "What if" question to discuss and ponder for today.

What if the whole world viewed marriage and sex as holy? Well, for starters, there would be no premarital sex as people would wait until they get married nor would there be any adultery in marriage because even the thought of having sex with someone else would be the complete opposite of being holy. We would also be sure to dress modestly so as not to cause anyone to stumble in this area.

People would consider the consequences of their actions and the divorce rate would drop dramatically and homes would become more stable, with a mother and father in every home. Making our children feel more secure, complete, healthy and happy because there would be no illegitimate births or sexually transmitted diseases.

Not only that but TV programs, advertising and magazines will need to replace their content with clean material because sex will no longer sell. There would be no more prostitution, escort services, strip clubs, adult movies, sex shops and ultimately pornography would end.

Parents would love each other as Christ loves the church with an unconditional love, patience and forgiveness, which our children will learn from and pass on to future generations.

It all begins with each of us individually transforming our own minds to view our marriages and sex as holy. With society as it is today, it is sometimes hard to do this but since beginning to change my view on this, my marriage has benefited greatly and now work very hard to keep this view.


Anne said...

Lori, what a totally different world this would be if the world did view marriage and sex with the lens of holiness. Thought provoking post! I don't think there's ever been a time in the world where this holy view was a part of culture, but we can pray that one day it will come to fruition, can't we?

Randee said...

Lori, you've hit the nail on the head. What a perfect picture of God's intention for sex...and marriage. Lovely!