Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What found a lovely ministry?

When we were talking about inner beauty recently, I was trying to remember the young woman who has a special ministry for mothers and daughters with a mission of "turnings girls hearts toward God". Well, tonight I ran across it again. It's called "Beauty by Design Ministries" and the founder is Alyssa Avant. She's launching her Mom-Daughter Connection radio show soon, and has a free weekly ezine subscription.

Alyssa brings years of experience in the modeling industry and youth ministry to this calling and is currently working on her Master's degree in Christian education.
I just thought I'd pop in on a Wednesday evening to let you mothers or grandmothers of young girls know about her site.


Lori Arriaga said...

Great website and ministry! Thanks for sharing.

Anne said...

Lori, you're welcome! I thought the same thing - what a lovely ministry.

Randee said...

What a lovely ministry. This conversation on "beauty" has been with me throughout my trip to Florida.

Thanks for sharing, Anne!

Anne said...

Randee, interesting that "beauty" has been a part of your conversation on your trip. It *is* a wonderful ministry, isn't it?!