Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What if ....we weren't allowed to homeschool?

As a home schooling parent I am very concerned about the recent case out in California that is trying to make it illegal for you to home school unless you are a certified teacher. I received an email from Shalene Kearney of a Proverbs Woman Wannabe who made a blog post on her own blog about this very topic with several links to get more informed and help fight this.

It affects all parents no matter where you live and whether or not you home school because our rights as parents are being taken away. Sign the petition at Home School Legal Defense Association and there is a petition at ParentalRights.org to sign as well as to stay informed on our rights as parents.

Below is also a video about the topic that has been posted at YouTube.

Monday, January 7, 2008

What if … we are Thirsty?

I just love this song and God has been putting it and it's words in my face through several different sources in the past week. I feel like this year is a time where deep is crying out to deep so much more in my life then last year and feel a need to learn to Be Still and Know that He is God in every area of my life.