Monday, June 4, 2007

What if...we we're always sure of ourselves

I don't know about you but one day I can be so sure of myself and confident in the outcome of situations in my life that nothings seems to be able to shake my faith but then I also have days where I waver and I am not sure about anything.

I would really prefer to be unshakable in my faith and certain of things that I do not see just as the scripture says in Hebrews 11:1 but I have to admit that when I am, I can easily get a little lazy and begin to settle for where I am.

I find it is these times of uncertainty that I do not settle for where I am but I become determined to do something about it. I begin to search my heart and soul and dig deeper into the Word of God to find answers. I may not be certain of when or what the outcome will look like but I can be certain that it will bring me to a whole new level of understanding and appreciation in my walk with God and how to deal with those things in life that tend to shake my faith.


Randee said...


I remember one time I was in a group training session for life coaches and the instructor was speaking on how "certainty" sells.

He was teaching coaches how to have thriving coaching businesses by being "certain".

I remember leaving the session feeling a bit bewildered until I began to ponder the things of which I am completely certain.

Interestingly, the only things that I found that I am completely certain of are God and His Word. And, what a plethora of certainties there are!

When we begin to clearly identify and articulate the things that we are absolutely certain of...everything else seems to fall into place. Or...simply not matter at all.

He has given us so many promises to hold onto. Within these promises are the greatest treasures. We begin to look at the overused term "prosperity" with new meaning. Praise God!

Anonymous said...

I truly agree Randee the only true constant in our lives are GOD and and HIS WORD.

They are the only thing we need to cling to because everything else and everyone else may one day fail - But because of who He is - He will never fail.

Remember that 80's hit by Sandi Patty "Because of Who You Are" ?

Lord we praise you because of who your are, not just for all the mighty things that you have done.

Shalene said...

Lovely Ladies, and so true! I have learned that nothing is ever certain, except for God, but I have also learned that those things that are as close to certain as they can be, are that way only because of God's will that they be so. Isn't God's power and plan for our lives wondrous? Blessings In Him!

Anne said...

Lori, for some reason this reminded me of part of a story by Don Miller. He decided at some point he just didn't want to deal with believing in God anymore. It was confusing and difficult. So he decided he didn't believe there was a God, and he told God he didn't believe in him anymore. And then he realized that he had to believe because of how he felt led to have that conversation with God and let him know that he wasn't going to believe in him anymore.

I am uncertain about so many things in this life. But God and his magnificent love can never be one of them.