Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What only saw your child once or twice a year?

My daughter Kelly (see photo above!) came home to Michigan this week to visit from her home in Ft. Lauderdale. The last time I saw my daughter was at Christmas; needless to say I had a hard time letting go when I grabbed and hugged her as she walked through the door at the airport terminal. Hopefully that also helps explain the lateness of this post, and myriad emails I've sent asking people to understand a delay in my work schedule this week on freelance endeavors. My baby girl is home, and everything else has taken a back seat to spending time with her.

When our children are little we don't often think of the fact that we are raising them to be adults and self-sufficient enough to make their way in the world. Sometimes we don't take into consideration that their world will end up being so far away from our own! I'm so grateful for how communication has evolved through the years. When I was a teenager, there was that corded phone that we would drag as far as we could into closets, or around a corner in order to have a private conversation. Long distance calls were mostly out of the question though; too expensive. The plus side was that everyone became good letter writers, and there are beautifully handwritten letters to lovingly store away. Still, though, I'm so grateful for the relatively inexpensive cell phones that let me talk to my daughter most days, and email that can travel through space in just a moment's time. Frequent communication certainly helps us feel closer.

But there's nothing like being together in person, having conversations face to face, and the joy of wrapping a loved one in your arms. So until next Wednesday, I'm a little bit absent from my online world of friends. But I am so totally present right now in my life with my daughter. Wishing you all a warm hug from a child today; your own or a treasured borrowed one!


Randee said...


A beautiful post for a beautiful daughter. As you are relishing your time with your daughter, know you are missed.

It is from the wisdom of mothers who have prepared and sent their children off that I receive such blessing...women (mothers) just like you.

Thank you for the reminders. Thank you for your loving spirit. God bless you, sister.

Lori Arriaga said...

How wonderful to have some time with your daughter! This summer I am learning how to have fun with my kids and just enjoy them instead of always being about the responsibility of taking care of everyone and the home.

Anne said...

Randee, thank you for missing me! What a wonderful gift that is to me. My daughter is off today with her grandmother, aunt and a best friend, so I have some time to catch up on assignments and reconnecting. How I've missed you, too. But yes - my time with Kelly has been joyful and precious, and I'm grateful I still have more days with her here.

Anne said...

Lori, what great advice you're giving yourself! I would imagine as a homeschooling mom that it's harder to separate the schoolteacher/on-task mother from the mom who just wants to revel in their childhood and share joyful moments. I'm glad you have this summer respite to do just that. Sometimes it's good to be a little irresponsible and just go with the joy. :)