Monday, July 16, 2007

What if...I could stay on task this week.

I don't know about you but as a mom I find myself easily getting distracted from my daily tasks. I start my day out with great expectations to get lots done and so I start to tackle my first project of the day. Soon my kids interrupt and need my attention for one reason or another so I stop what I am doing and help them but then very often something else gets my attention which also keeps me from my task at hand.

I have never been very good with cooking and taking time to be creative with food all my life but since getting married now over 10 years ago, this has been something I have tried more times then I can even count to get better at preparing dinners for my family but it is still just as much a struggle today as it was ten years ago. Everything else seems to take priority and distract me from my goal to have good dinners prepared for my family every night and not just having the same old meals that we all are tired of.

I will be going grocery shopping today for the next two weeks of dinner meals that I have planned out. Hopefully I can keep it up and make it a habit to do every two weeks and take the time out necessary (and stay on task) to plan and prepare what we will be eating two weeks in advance rather then at the last minute like I do too often where I either find that we don't have all the ingredients and need to make a last minute trip to the store or we just eat out.

Can any of you relate?


Anne said...

Lori, oh yes. I can relate to trying to stay on task. It's so easy for my mind to get sidetracked, and I can only imagine how much more of a challenge it would be with young children. By the way, I was just doing a little off-task searching :) after reading your meal planning mission. I found a woman who's made a business planning meals for people. Isn't it amazing what gifts people can tap into, and how the Internet has helped them build a career in a niche area?! This is her About Us page:

Good luck with shopping!

Randee said...

Lori...I can so relate! My husband is the primary cook in our family. The kids call him "the cooker guy". I clean. He cooks. It's sort of an unspoken agreement.

Anne...thanks for the link. I just checked it out and am totally impressed. I think I may sign up for a month and just see if you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Lori Arriaga said...

Thanks for the resource Anne. I just might have to try it out for a month sometime.

peppersalt said...

This is so real for me, too. Do drop by -