Thursday, July 26, 2007

What If...The Watched Pot Never Boils?

The watched pot never boils.

That's how the saying goes, right? You put the pot on the stove filled with cool water. You watch. Nothing happens. You watch a little longer. Still...nothing. You step away from the stove (for just a moment) only to hear your smoke detector piercing through your ears. Apparently, while you were away, the pot did boil. It boiled over. And, you never even seen it. For, as they say...the watched pot never boils.

Or...does it?

Almost a year ago, I launched a project after a decade in germination. Since then, I have watched. Daily checking the "stats". How many visitors? How many members? How many posts? Always watching...waiting for the boil.

I went in knowing the "typicals". Be prepared for 3 years of lean time. 3 years of preparation. 3 years of the learning curve. You name it. The "magic" number seemed to be 3. If the pot hasn't boiled in 3 years...move on to Plan B.

But, just because I recognize the "typicals", I am also totally aware that I am the daughter of an "a-typical" God. Does the number 3 have any significance to Him? I doubt it. So, in my heart, I anticipate His workings. I anticipate His participation. And...sometimes (on my more bold days) I anticipate His miracles.

Interestingly, my life went through a bit of transition a few months ago. I was no long able (or compelled) to "watch the pot" so I asked God to by the "official watcher". And, He has.

A powerful thing happens when God is the watcher. The pot boils! is my unsolicited 3 part advice for the day:

1. Stop watching the pot.

2. Ask God to be your "official" pot watcher.

3. Carry on with the work before you and wait.

The watched pot DOES boil.


Carolyn D. Townes, SFO said...

Hi Randee,
Great post! I know that God is the official "pot watcher," yet I continue to hold the spoon to add the ingredients and stir. Boy, do I love to stir! Yet, when God has His own ingredients to add, I have learned to let go of the spoon. Peace, Carolyn

Randee said...

Ooo, Carolyn...I love the language we're using. Pots, spoons, stirring...awesome!

And, I agree. My friend Anne and I were just discussing the critical balance between "knowing" when to hold on and when to let go.

God has His part. I have my part. I can think of no more perfect partnership, amen?

Thanks for the feedback. It seems a little slow around here lately.

Anne said...

Randee, what a prophetic voice I hear in that post. Last night my friend Jim said we should ask for God's Spirit to guide us in the project we're working on. I should. I had forgotten in the last few days when I've been in Geek Girl mode trying to learn new web site things. I should let God guide, let him watch the pot. After all, this is his recipe.

Randee said...


Today I read a daily email I receive from Os Hillman of PrimeTime With God where He spoke on the ministry of Jesus.

He began by stating (I paraphrase) that Jesus grew up as a carpenter. He worked in and among the world for 30 years before He "launched" his public ministry of teaching, preaching, and healing.

He went on to reveal the idea that Jesus had a plethora of "life experiences" that translated so beautifully into spiritual matters.

He spoke in the common language to the common man. He told stories about farmers, servants, etc.

As I read our posts today, I am touched by the "common language" we are using for deeply spiritual talks. I think He is looking down upon us and smiling.

Can you imagine?

Anne said...

Randee, you always inspire me, and your last post made me smile, and made me think of how much I love Jesus. Ah yes. He spoke the common language to common people like you and me. I can see him smiling at our cooking analogies too!

Randee said...

I love Him, too. I love Him.

I went to the library yesterday and checked out some fiction. (Hallelujah for storytellers!)

I go The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers and I've almost finished it. This book has moved me to tears. At one point I was reading (and crying) and I lifted my hands to the Lord in total admiration and awe. By reading a book of fiction!

Look at His provision. On so many levels He convicts others to provide "spiritual resources" that feed the soul. Today, I feel fed by the storytelling of Francine Rivers.

Thank you, Lori, for suggesting I read her those many months ago. What a blessing!

Lori Arriaga said...

It really can be difficult at times to know when to hold on and when to let go of things can't it? I myself tend to hold on to the spoons in my life more tightly or longer then I should rather then surrendering things over to God so He can add His ingredients so the recipe will turn out as He intends it to.

Randee, Francine Rivers books tend to bring me to tears as well. She writes beautifully and is an all time favorite author of mine that has touched my heart is so many ways. I wonderful to know how her books have touched your heart too.

Shalene said...

Ladies, Have I told you lately what a blessing you are to me? You truly are! I am learning to let go too. (I'm even taking that vacation I threatened to take a month or so ago, and I'm leaving my laptop behind!) God is directing this trip to be a ministry to my children. Oh how I love His ways! Blessings to you all!

Randee said...


You are a blessing to us, too! I really hope that you know that.

The ministry of motherhood...what a gift He has given us. Live it up, it up!

Give those babies a kiss from an online friend, will you?