Monday, July 30, 2007

What if ... we stopped trying to control the direction our lives.

With Randee's last post about how God is our pot watcher, I wanted to continue on with this theme and share with you a little snippet from a book called "The Grand Weaver, How God Shapes us through the events of our Lives" by Ravi Zacharias.

I just began reading it over the weekend and I am only on the second chapter titled "Your Disappointments Matter" but it already has me pondering so much. A section of the chapter was talking about beginning to walk in our faith and how faith is where we believe that God is in control and has formed us for a purpose. If we do not walk in faith we will find ourselves floundering and living without purpose.

The part that really got me pondering things was where he brought up the story of Noah in Genesis 6:9-22 and how "The Bible supplies every detail of the ark: how high, how wide, what kind of wood - the comprehensive blueprint. Yet two details are conspicuously absent: no sail and no rudder. Imagine preparing to float on water for that many days with nothing to control the direction of the ship!"

What if... we could stop trying to control the direction of our lives and just trust God as Noah did?


Randee said...


Your post means a lot to me today. As I prepare for the first Executive Board meeting of the Pink Collar Club, I am really mindful of God's control over this (and every) project.

I remember one time I was in a coach training session a few years ago and the trainer revealed the "secret" to successful influence: CERTAINTY.

It makes sense, doesn't it? When I ponder those whom I feel most influenced by, it is often those with a "certainty" that I may not have. Yet, it's an interesting challenge for if I claim certainty of my own volition, then it is surely false. (Right? Notice the uncertainty in this statement.)

So, I've come to a certain conclusion in this matter. The only thing that I can claim with absolute certain is the Word of God. Within it, are all kinds of certainties that we can boldly profess!

Amen and amen.

lifecoachlynn said...

So true! I have to give up the control on a daily basis most of the time and it's not fun!
The moments of true and complete surrender have brought peace and fulfillment like I have never experienced before. Too bad I screw up and forget it so quickly.
What if...we could experience that freedom for long periods of time?

Anne said...

Lori, last night at my community group we were talking about faith and doubt. I said maybe we were meant to live in the tension. Sometimes doubt drives me to my knees and closer to God, and back to faith. When small doubts creep in I'm finding it easier to let them go and give them to God, but realizing that doubt is probably always going to be a part of my human condition. Still, there is great release in saying, I'm not sure, God, but I trust your hand on the rudder of my life.

Lori Arriaga said...

Randee, the Word is the only thing that can give us any sort of certainty in our life and even then a lot of it still boils down to trusting in God and those things that cannot be seen which isn't always easy.

Lynn, I agree how nice it would be to experience that freedom of control for long periods of time.

Anne, so true that it is our doubts that drive us to our knees and closer to God and it is a good thing.

carole said...

This post is personal to the experiences which I have been going through this summmer. I planned to go back to seminary to finish my studies but it looks as though I am not going to be back to full health in time to do that. I planned to continue living in the home God so graciously gave me 7 years ago. It looks as though I now have to leave here. I also planned to do a lot more work this summer but again my health got in the way. I am now planning to help set up a community project for trouble young men. I wonder how that will turn out!

When I ponder my plans and compare that with what God wants me to do...

I am learning to see that if only I listen to His plans before I set mine in place, I won't suffer the disppointment, upset and stress that I otherwise go through.

Please pray for a seminary student across the other side of the pond who wants to do the will of God.