Monday, October 1, 2007

What if ... we allowed our kids to keep us young?

When I was younger I never appreciated when I seemed to always be the youngest person in any adult gathering but now that I am getting older with kids of my own that are growing so fast, I miss being the youngest. It seems I am now the oldest person in many adult gatherings making me feel older then I'd like.

This past week after going to a roller skating rink with my kids for my daughters birthday, I realize, too often, that I allow the fact that I have kids and seeing how fast they grow up, keep my mindset on how I'm getting older as well, giving me gray hairs instead of keeping me young.

This past week having fun roller skating with my kids was just what I needed to help me see that they don't have to give me the gray hairs but keep me young instead if I just allow myself to participate in more of the fun rather then dwelling on the fact that I am getting older.

Watching some other older adults zip around the roller skating floor having lots of fun was definitely an inspiration for me to see!


Kimberly said...

I love that phrase: "you're as old as you feel". So, if you feel young you will be young... Young at heart!

I love hanging out with kids. I definitely get that feeling of life flowing in me.

Randee said...

Now it's time for the LIMBO! How much fun to go roller skating with your kids. I feel the same way when I play sports with my kids. Who says the mama still can't throw a football?

Hallelujah for a great post, Lori!