Monday, October 29, 2007

What if ... we were inspired to learn more about prayer?

Prayer has been something I feel we should always be willing to learn more about. I believe there are no right or wrong ways to pray but it is something we each should personally develop in our own lives. Not only to help us get through our trials in life but to deepen our walk with the Lord and have fellowship with our Father in heaven.

What if ... we were inspired by others to learn more about prayer?

Bonnie St. John has inspired many people with her own life and what she has accomplished despite her disability but wanted to share how prayer was a big part of it all and has written a book titled "How Strong Women Pray". The book also shares what twenty seven other inspiring women such as Barbara Bush, Kathy Lee Gifford and Amy Grant said about what the power of prayer has done for them in their lives in her interviews with them.

To learn more about Bonnie and watch a video of her interview on Conversations with Carlos Sanchez at:

Also, you will get a chance to see Bonnie on November 2nd as she will appear on the Today Show on NBC to discuss her new book.

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Anne said...

Lori, thank you! I'm going to check out the author and her book.