Friday, October 12, 2007

What if...We could build more courage?

My oldest daughter was nominated to be a Student Ambassador to Europe this summer. We are all very excited. She has her interview before the committee next week and is anxious about it because it reminds her of the interview she had last year for an opportunity to visit Japan through my husband’s work. She was not chosen for the Japan program, so she thinks this interview will turn out the same way. My husband and I reassured her that these are two very different programs and this upcoming interview is more of a formality, rather than a heavy part of the selection process. I also reminded her that she received all the points she needed on her Japan interview, meaning she interviews well. Sometimes, that confidence needs to come from within!

Does this ring a bell for you? Have you ever been a little ‘gun-shy’ about engaging in a similar situation that didn’t turn out in your favor?


1. Be willing to evaluate the last situation that didn’t go well for you and examine the pros and cons. If you only see the negative, talk it over with a friend or colleague for a more objective point of view.

2. Courage means seeing beyond what you think and believe you want or need. If something doesn’t happen in your favor, it could be there is another opportunity to come.

3. Trust that you can gain a strength that God provides, and can give you a positive boost of confidence and energize you. You don’t have to do it alone.

4. List the positive characteristics and talents you have. Don’t be modest! Ask others for input. Keep this posted somewhere as a daily reminder of what you contribute to this world!

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Randee said...

Yay, she made it! Abigail is going to Euroope. Her hard work paid off and God is blessing her with this opportunity.

Praising God together!