Friday, October 19, 2007

What if....We Defined Success Differently?

I was interviewed by the producer of a show called “Anything But Ordinary” which provides inspiring stories of individuals’ success and the road that led to it. As I have put together my interview questions, the “What is Success?” question I have asked coaching clients over the years has really provoked a lot of thought as to what message I want to convey to the audience. Since my passion is helping others LIVE OUT LOUD, take a look at the list below to help you think how you really have been successful in YOUR own way.

Here are a few thoughts to help you define your personal success:

1. Are you living your life according to what’s most important? (living your priorities?)

2. Forget about how society or others define success. We all have a unique design and cannot be put into a cookie-cutter mentality.

3. Answer this question: “How do I define success?”

4. If you are not feeling successful, you must be willing to determine if you are living by others’ expectations or by your God-given design.

5. Are there any roadblocks to your success? (i.e. your own thoughts saying you aren’t successful, current life circumstances, etc.)

6. MONEY DOES NOT EQUAL SUCCESS! Especially here in the U.S., that is how success is defined. Refer to above questions to define your personal success!

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Lori Arriaga said...

Great thought provoking questions for us Lynn! Success is defined differently for every one of us isn't it?