Sunday, September 30, 2007

What If...I Accepted The Sacrifice?

I knew it was coming.

My husband has always said that the only thing that would take him back to California to live is the declining health of his parents. You see, he loves Missouri but he loves his parents more. And rightly so.

Over a week ago, my sweet mother-in-law had a stroke leaving the left side of her body completely paralyzed. The doctors recommend a nursing home with 24 hour care. Yet, my husband is building wheelchair ramps preparing for a return home that may or may not happen. He's hopeful and He knows the Great Physician could completely heal his mother is He chooses.

Will is doing his part and waiting for God's answer. We all are.

So when he called today to check in on the kids and me, I wasn't surprised when he told me of a conversation that he and his sister had a few nights ago about the possibility of our moving to California. He didn't specifically ask of me anything. He simply relayed their conversation.

I stayed quiet and listened.

When we hung up, I went face first on my bed and prayed with a lot of tears. I prayed for wisdom and understanding. I prayed for a sacrificial heart. I prayed for a miracle. I prayed for peace.

But, most of all, this is my prayer:

Thy Will Be Done

How easy it is to boldly claim our allegiance to sacrificial living until the time when God presents the sacrifice to be given. Then it becomes the real deal, doesn't it?

I don't know where God is leading my family and me. I do know that He will reveal His perfect will in His timing. And when He does, my hope and prayer is that I will be sensitive to hearing and obedient to following.

Thy Will Be Done

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Lori Arriaga said...

My heart and prayers are with you and your family. Things like this is really where the rubber meets the road and God reveals much to us through the pain and difficult choices we may face. I will be praying for "Thy will to be done" as well for your family and the difficult choices that may lie ahead.