Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What If...You Were Saved From The Fire?

I sent this email out to the women of the Pink Collar Club this morning. I wrote the letter yesterday morning and updated it this morning when we got the news.

Dear Pink Collar Club,

I sit in front of my television screen at the prompting of my husband only to witness the most intense devastation I've seen in a very long time. Only this time the devastation hits a little too close to home.

I have family directly in the midst of these destructive fires and a brother-in-law who is fighting the fires. Double whammy. (I am referring to the southern California wildfires.)

My husband and I are glued to the screen most of the day and praying in between news flashes as we watch the areas closely. Neighborhood after neighborhood is being wiped out. Hundreds of thousands of individuals evacuated from their homes. Total destruction. The flames are blazing.

I shudder as I try to stay in the moment but my mind begins to drift into the thought of eternal fire and destruction. I shudder again and try as I might to maintain my focus...the here and the now.

Will you stop for a moment to pray for those in the midst of this fire and more importantly those on their way to eternal fire? God help us.


Recent Update:

The phone rang at 4:21 this morning. My inlaws have been evacuated and placed in a local community center among other "displaced" individuals. The fires have hit their neighborhood. It doesn't look like their house will survive the fires. The material culmination of a lifetime gone in moments but praise God for saving them.

What If...You Were Saved From The Fire?

Both temporary and eternal. Are you?


Lori Arriaga said...

Oh Randee, my heart and prayers go out for you and your family in this crisis as well as all that are affected by these fires.

Anne said...

Still praying, my sister, and I've written to my community group and asked them to pray for your family as well.