Friday, September 7, 2007

What If...someone had a blog tea party?

The Make Mine Pink bloggers are throwing a virtual tea party on Monday, September 10. They are inviting all the women entrepreneurs who are part of Make Mine Pink to participate, and anyone else who wishes to join them. What a sweet idea, isn't it? This is what they had to say:
"Join in on the fun and host a virtual tea party too. We will be visiting all the Make Mine Pink blogs and yours too if you decide to host your own party.You will see beautiful and unique tables set for tea; many will have a special theme.Will you join us and post a photo of your Tea Party on your very own blog? Post a comment on Make Mine Pink’s Blog and we will include you on the list. So expect many visitors and please have cookies ready."


Randee said...


This is about the cutest thing I've seen in blogland. I just popped over and made a post. Thanks for the referral. Precious.

P.S. What inspiration for a card designer, eh?

Sharon said...

Very nice to meet you. So glad you are coming to tea and inviting friends. We are looking forward to visiting you for virtual treats.

Anne said...

Randee, it IS adorable, isn't it? And we need to be sure and have a virtual tea ready for visitors! (And yes, a great inspiration for a card designer. :)