Thursday, September 20, 2007

What If...We Looked For The Blessing?

We got the call last Friday.

My mother-in-law had a stroke. As the days progressed, the prognosis seemed to go from bad to worse. She is paralyzed on the entire left side of her body. She can't chew or swallow which means she can't eat. That leads to a plethora of invasive procedures to ensure she is getting the proper nutrition to sustain life.

It's been an emotional few days.

But, something interesting (something glorious) is happening. My husband, seeking our Father in this tragedy, is witnessing to his family---in words and example. We had a discussion the other night that I would like to share with you.

Randee: Honey, I'm so sorry that you will be going to California without me. I wish I could be with you. I really do but regardless of the outcome you have an opportunity...perhaps, the most important opportunity that you will ever face.

Will: I know. (He spoke quietly with tears in his eyes.)

Randee: It's the right time. When facing a stroke and paralysis, your mom will be facing her mortality. She will be seeking answers that only God can provide. Make it your mission to show her Jesus on this trip. It's crucial. Nothing is more important than her spiritual health...especially now. (Now, I am crying, too.)

Will: And, my family, too. I have this overwhelming urge for my family to "know". Ken has been giving me scriptures to draw from. I plan to be with my mom in the hospital and read her the Bible.

Randee: Honey, take her the prayers that are coming in by email. I'll print them off. Let her know that people from all over the world are praying for her. That God is hearing these prayers.

Will: Yes. I will.

That evening, Will called his mom. He asked her how she was feeling and she replied: I am feeling pain in my left side. Now, normally we would be concerned about pain, right? Except for this: If she is paralyzed then she shouldn't be "feeling" anything.

Sisters, I don't know what God is doing in the life of my family or what the outcome will be for my mother-in-law but I do know this...there are blessings everywhere...if only we look for them.

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Anne said...

Randee, what a beautiful story of how blessings come in unexpected places, like going through this very difficult family time. I'm praying that the love of Christ will pour into your mother-in-law and all of your husband's family. May they all hear their angels whispers.