Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What If...even a cup of coffee made a difference?


My pastor sent out an email yesterday and said that on one of our Connections cards someone had written that they really enjoyed our service last Sunday and plan on returning. On another section on the card people are asked how we may pray for them. This is what had been written: “I am searching for something to fill the hole in my soul, the hole in my life. I have begun to believe that it could be religion and Jesus that I need. Pray to help me continue my search and find him.” The rest of my post here is from Lee's email. I hope it encourages us in all the small (or big) things we do in Christ's name:

"When I read this today, I pumped my fist in the air and let out a big “YESSSSSS”! (The people in the coffee shop where this happened must have thought I was nuts.)

If that doesn’t excite you, then please check for a pulse.

Where else do we get to be a part of something eternal?

How many of us thought this past weekend when we handed out coffee, when we taught a child, when we sacrificed time on a Saturday up on a ladder running speaker cable, when we introduced ourself to someone we didn’t know at a Worship Gathering…did we think we would have the privilege of showing Jesus to a guest named Brian?

Yet over and over we get the privilege of doing just that. I want to thank you for your ministry for Christ. I want to urge you to pray for Brian’s spiritual journey. Pray that he will see and respond to Jesus with us.



Randee said...

I checked my pulse and it's racing. We have THE opportunity every single day if we only look for it. Today, I choose to "look".

Kimberly said...

The Holy Spirit is definitely moving in our lives.

We just have to give into it and allow it.

Thank you Father God for working so hard to speak to our hearts & minds. Amen.

Anne said...

Randee, I'm not surprised your pulse is racing. :) It's beautiful to think that even the smallest things we do can show God to others.

Kimberly, I love your thought about the Holy Spirit moving in our lives and just giving in to it! Thank you for your prayers.