Saturday, September 22, 2007

What If...The Little People Prayed?

Okay so maybe you're not the huge football fan that I am. I can understand that. But maybe you would change your mind after you witnessed what I witnessed tonight. It was a moment of joyful weeping. A moment of a mother's pride. A moment of a surprise blessing.

My 12 year old son is playing football in a highly competitive league. You may remember the bit of trepidation I've had in my little man facing his giants. (He's small...perhaps the smallest in the league.)But that's what he does. Week after week...he faces his giants. And he has no fear!

Play after play, I watched him tackle his opponents. If he wasn't the main tackler, he was in the pile amongst the others. Fearless he tackles. It's instinctive for him. Very little thought. Just movement. And tonight he shined! I heard the fans in the stands. Who is that #21? What a player! My heart swelled. There he was doing his thing.

After the game the team, coaches, and parents huddled together to share in the victory. Each of the coaches stepped up with their kudos. Over and over again, Tristan's name was mentioned.

"Look at our rookie, Tristan!"

"Tristan, you saved this game, son."

"For a little guy, you've got it, boy!"

Followed by the greatest post-game honor: THE BREAKDOWN

"Tristan, break us down tonight." He proudly stepped up and his teammates huddled. And he begins his chant.

Tristan: Who are we?

Team: Panthers!

Tristan: What do we do?

Team: Win!

Tristan: Who are we?

Team: Panthers!

Tristan: What do we do?

Team: Win! Win! Win!

As the huddled broke up, my son walked toward me beaming. I ran up and hugged him tightly full of words of encouragement and praise. (Yes, the proud mother speaking!) He looked at me intensely and said: Mom, I prayed tonight before the game and during the game and God heard me. Did you see what I did tonight? God really listened to me tonight! He answered my prayer.

My eyes welled us with tears. Son, you are just about the neatest kid I know. Of course, God listens to you. You are his main dude. I bet He is looking down on you right now with a big smile on His face...just for you!

My team prayed, too, Mom. Right before the game.

Shocked, I asked...Really?

Yep. We always pray before the game. The coaches say...Take a knee and let's pray.

Ladies, I want you to know something. My children are submerged in the "world" just as yours probably are. Though they have a foundation in a Christian home, they also have their fair share of seeing the other side. But it never ceases to amaze me how often God places them in hands of fellow Christians. Be it teachers in public school or coaches in the community. Right now, I am so grateful to God for orchestrating such an influence in these places.

But what I am most grateful for today is that the little people prayed.

And...God answered in the affirmative!


Anne said...

Randee, how proud you must feel as a mother, and what delight you must have had watching Tristan play. But what joy you must have felt listening to Tristan talk about God and his prayers. I loved reading that his coach says, "Take a knee and lets pray". You're right about God orchestrating influences even out there in the world. My daughter is a public school teacher and whether her children know it or not, they are being covered in her love and prayers for them. Go God! And Go Panthers! :)

Randee said...

Covered. That's the perfect word, Anne. Spiritual covering...yes!

My heart is touched by your "minister" daughter who teaches in the public schools and a minister she is. Her prayers for her students are paramount. They hold more weight than we'll ever know. When I pray for the "right" teachers for my children, it's teachers like your daughter that I am asking for.

You must be the proud mother, too!

JOAN said...

Joan said
I also have raised 5 beautiful kids, and i certainly know how proud you are. God Bless You