Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What if...we had our priorities straight?

Our mixed-up priorities scale is the culprit for a lot of the stress we experience. The truth is that we overwork, overdo, and even so continue to have unfulfilled expectations.

We live in a high-paced fast-speed world. Work and “busy work” have crowded our days, becoming top priorities. As a result, we have neglected the three most important elements of our priorities scale: God, family, and ourselves.

If things suddenly go wrong, we try to compensate, by giving God our undivided attention. But otherwise there is little time for peaceful meditation and gratitude.

I live in New York and I was awed by the sudden burst of spiritually that this city went through after the September 11 attacks: churches were overflowing, people were praying at their work places, even in school teachers were allowed a few moments of spiritual reflection to help students cope with the tragedy, but months later it was back to business as usual.

The same happens with family, because life gets in the way, we fail to keep in touch as we should. Not until there is a funeral or a wedding do we find ourselves obligated to reconnect. And even with those we live with, we only go through the motions required for having to share the same living space.

When it comes to taking care of self, we do the same. We eat not for self-preservation but for sport. We don’t exercise as we should. We allow our minds to be exposed to toxic entertainment - all in desecration of our body-temple.

Is it any wonder that we keep running around in the same circles of spiritual emptiness, physical lethargy, and emotional disconnect?

What if we were to try re-focusing? One day at a time. Let’s check our “To Do Lists”. Let’s re-write some things to include the right order of priorities: GOD – SELF - OTHERS. Life just might become much more fulfilling.


anne said...

Norka, if there were a list of check boxes on your post I'd have to be checking "guilty/guilty/guilty" on several items you mentioned. "Self" definitely is way down the line in my list, and yet I feel that my connection with God would be even deeper if I became more disciplined with some personal habits. Thank you so much for such a wise and insightful article.

Randee said...

You've hit the nail on the head, Norka, as usual. Your post will resonate with women around the world, I'm sure. And, for all of you ladies who haven't met Norka...take a moment to read some of her articles at http://4realwomen.com as soon as you can! She's the real thing.

Lori Arriaga said...

Wow, thank you Norka for this great post. So true everything that you said. So often I am guilty as charged. The great thing is and that which I praise God for is that, God allows us to always get back on track once we find ourselves with our priorities out of sorts. It is something we must work at always to keep on track. Thanks for the great post!

Randee said...

Any advice for the women who spend the majority of their time away from home in the workforce?

For instance, if I spend 8 hours of each day at work and the goal for my priorities are as follows:

Faith First
Family Second
Community Third
Career Fourth

How does this goal come to fruition? Any thoughts?

Sheri said...


I love what you said about eating for sport. As pathetic as it is, it's kind of funny.

I don't know how to get priorities straight? How do you model or teach that?


I've always been a stay-at-home mom. My heart goes out to those women who have to balance work and family. I, honestly, don't know how they do it.