Monday, May 28, 2007

What if ... our Sabbath day was truly a memorial day for us?

Beautiful post about Memorial Day Randee! I hope everyone is taking time out to remember those who have fought for our freedoms and are still enjoying the holiday.

As I have been considering my writing for the book project on the 10 commandments, God has been bringing to my attention with much conviction from several different sources just how much I fall short to truly spend my Sabbath days in memory of and in worship of my Savior and find myself not taking that day of rest as we are called to do. I find myself only spending a short time out of the day in worship of Him then once I get back home I so easily slip back into taking care of all of the responsibilities of life to prepare myself for a smoother upcoming work week.

I realize just how backwards that is and see how much more important it is to prepare for our Sabbath day so we can spend the whole day in memory and worship of our Savior so we can truly rest in Him on that day and set aside all responsibilities in life so we can truly be refreshed and ready for the upcoming work week.


Randee said...

Oh, Lori. Are we on the same wave-length today or what?

What a lovely post. I, too, have been pondering the Sabbath in preparation for this week's writing assignment.

To cap it off, my pastor preached on keeping the Sabbath yesterday at church.

A call to remembrance? Amen!

Anne said...

Randee and Lori, thank you both for such rich posts. On one message board I joined in prayer for all those who are serving in war torn countries. And Randee, I hadn't ever thought of connecting this to Jesus' sacrifice for all of us engaging in spiritual warfare.

Lori, like you, I've been thinking a lot about the sabbath day, due to our Mirror project. You and Randee both were indeed on the same wavelength connecting the dots between God and this day of remembrance. I too am guilty of not taking a day of Sabbath and am feeling more called to do so as I study and pray about this. I've worked on doing so for awhile, but I need to ask God for more help. Great food for thought!

Randee said...

Earlier today, I did a search on the Sabbath. I was specifically looking for Jewish traditions in relationship to the Sabbath for an upcoming club call.

I found a little but plan on doing more research. If you're on the PCC mailing list, you'll receive an invitation for this club call to take place this summer.

I am hoping to have a special Jewish guest to share the tradition of the Sabbath with us.

It seems perfectly fitting to me that we would be speaking of this subject on Memorial Day...a day of remembrance.

Randee said...



I'm wondering if you might have anything to add to a discussion on Sabbath traditions?