Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What If...I waited for God's nudge?

Day 94 of 365: My Heart is on Fire

Several months ago, a young man from church showed up at my door with a $10 gift card to one of our local gas stations. I was so touched, and yet a bit perplexed, because I knew that I didn't need the card nearly as much as someone else might. So I thanked him profusely, and put the card in my car console, and just waited. Until yesterday. Below is an email I sent to Brian, the earth angel who appeared at my door that day:

"Dear Brian,

Do you remember a few months ago when you stopped over because you felt God wanted you to stop and give me a gasoline gift card for $10? I was so touched by your gesture and by your heart for God and others.

I wasn't sure why God led you to me. I knew at the time that I wasn't in desperate need of the gift. However, I trusted that God had a purpose for it, as you trusted when you brought it to me.
Today I was walking out of work with one of my co-workers from another department, who was carrying a bottle of laundry detergent. She mentioned it was a gift, and when I questioned her about the unusual present, Pam told me that this has been a really hard week for her financially. She's a single parent with two young children and was out of money. She borrowed $20 to pay for her daughter's prescription medication, and then a friend of hers at work today insisted on taking her to lunch and to Target to buy laundry soap, which she also needed. Immediately I tried to give her some money, but she turned me down (as most of us would). And then I said, "Oh, I know! I have a gas gift card in my car that a friend from church brought me awhile ago. I knew that God had someone in mind for it, and it must be you!" Pam was so thrilled and so grateful. Taking that gas card, which didn't cost me anything, didn't embarrass her, and yet it was exactly what she needed right now to get through until payday.

As for me, I got to experience the joy of being the middle man between you and this single mother in need, and the joy of feeling such a connection with God by sharing his love with another.

So thank you. Your gift was so much more than a $10 gift card. I will treasure the memory.

With his amazing love,



Randee said...

What a lovely story, Anne. A recognized moment of Providence. Lately, I have been pondering the "interconnection" among God and His children. And, even more, the connection we have with one another.

I was recently having a discussion on "unanswered" prayer. First of all, this concept that prayer goes unanswered is not biblical. God answers prayer. He just doesn't always answer it in the way we expect. And, sometimes the answer is simply "no".

But...what if the delay in a "yes" prayer has to do with the impact of that "yes" to another of God's children?

I make a request to my God. He's quiet in His answer...waiting, waiting, waiting...until just the perfect moment. The request that I made relates to the request of another. And, God in His Sovreignty, answers a "yes" to both requests. A double blessing. A triple blessing. Infinite blessings.

I believe that it is very easy to be short-sided in this idea of our connection. God is a loving Father without favorites. The Bible is clear on this. His timing is always perfect.

Thank you for your testimony. Lovely.

Anne said...

Randee, you always give me so much to ponder on a spiritual level and I'll be contemplating that thought about our connectedness, and how God may wait for just the perfect time when he has more than one connection in mind for an answered prayer. Like you, I've been pondering that interconnection a lot lately myself. I think my theology becomes more and more simple: I am called to love. Occasionally to be the middle man of love, as I was with the gasoline card. But the deeper I draw into God, the wider my reach out to others in love. Thank you for giving such wonderful thoughts to savor and digest.

Kimberly said...

You know... this really reached out to me.

My husband and I felt the hand of God upon us. We were going through a rough financial time. God saw to it that we had our needs met but not only our needs were met so was a friend of ours who has been struggling so badly that we thought she was going to be evicted and so on. We were able to stop that whole process through God's guidance.

And yet, yesterday we still received a large sum of money via a cashier's check in the postal mail. Totally unexpected.

God is a totally awesome God. Do not ever underestimate HIS power. It's mind blowing.


Anne said...

Kimberly, thank you for sharing your story. What really resonated with me was you saying don't underestimate his power. Yes, it *is* mind blowing. Every day when I pay attention, I seem to see all these miraculous things around me. Some are small, and some are undeniably God things; like the miracle you and your friend both experienced. What joy - what amazing joy!

Lori Arriaga said...

Anne, thanks for sharing this. What a blessing that came about from that one man. Too often we are so short sighted with things and don't see all the good that God intends with things. It is wonderful that you waited and were able to share with this woman in need.

NYCindividual said...

Wow, if it had been me I would have used the card for myself anyway. Amazing reminder that we should not be selfish in times like these and that God is in control. He'll use the smallest things and sometimes He'll put us in situations we don't like or are unsure about, but He always has a purpose in mind.

Anne said...

NYC, I knew if I really needed the card, or my son was stuck somewhere with no money or gas, it was available. But in all the time it sat in our console, it just wasn't really needed by us. So, I don't think it would have been a terrible thing to use it myself, but God just kind of arranged it so I didn't have to. Another little miraculous part of the story; most 17-year-old boys would have found it necessary at some point!

Shalene said...

I've missed you ladies so much! I don't have as much time as I used to have, now that my blogs and website are in full swing. But everytime I have an opportunity to stop in and read what you've written, I have been blessed. Recently, a friend of mine asked me if my hubby and I could loan her family $500. Now ordinarily I'm not the loaning to friends type, too often it ends up making enemies. But this time, I told her I would ask my hubby, and see what he said. Well, it turns out that I was moved to tell her that we wouldn't be able to do it. My hubby had told me where our finances stood, and I knew without asking that the answer would be no. So, I didn't ask. I let her know that as much as we'd like to help, we just couldn't right then. Well, joy of joys, a few weeks later, their financial circumstances were such that they were in dire need, and we had just been blessed with a little extra. My husband learned of her predicament and he decided that we could gift her with the money without my even asking. So much better than loaning the money. I don't tell this story for any glory because I don't want any at all. I only tell you that, because I've learned that sometimes God provides when you really need it, and in a way that is better than what you've asked for.