Saturday, November 3, 2007

What If...We Wrote A Book?

The Question:

What do you get when you gather Ten Women pondering the Ten Commandments for a period of Ten Weeks?

The Answer:

The first collaborative book project of the Pink Collar Club.

Yep. You read it right. The Pink Collar Club publishes our first book ever! And not without the total commitment of 10 women writers not to mention the fabulous Anne Goodrich who tirelessly perfected the graphics and layout for Mirror, Mirror...On The Wall. It's stunning, isn't it? (Thank you, my friend. What more can I say?)

The seed for Mirror, Mirror...On The Wall was planted back in December 2006 but the original intention for the content of this book was NOT the Ten Commandments but rather reflecting the promises of God. As the matter of fact, I told the story of exactly how Mirror, Mirror...On The Wall came to be in the introduction of the book. (I also recorded it and posted it on the Pink Collar Club website. Maybe you'll listen?)

But the "real meat" of the book comes from 10 women who openly (and creatively) shared from the heart the meaning of each commandment personally. But don't look for a dry read. Oh, no. We have Penney who compares each commandment to a 1970s song, Anne who wrote some beautiful poetry, Lynn included "tips" in each of her writings and so much more. How's that for creativity?

I must say that one of the biggest perks of writing a book like this lies in the personal blessings bestowed upon the writers. God used this book to touch the lives of each of us and I believe He will use it to touch the lives of the readers as well. I really do. is a day of celebration. And, it's also my birthday. Let's celebrate!

What If...We Wrote A Book?

Well, we did!


Lori Arriaga said...

Woohoo! How exciting that this collaborative book project is ready for purchase! It was definitely a blessing in my life and no doubt will be a blessing to others as well as they read the devotions and add their own to the book.

Happy birthday my friend!

Karla said...

I am celebrating with all of you!

The book project was a blessing in my life as well; such transformation in such a short amount of time.

I am a changed woman by being a small part of this project! Praise God!!!

Thanks for the opportunity Randee! And thanks also to all of my wonderful co-writers; each one of you are a blessing to me!

Stay blessed!