Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What if ....we weren't allowed to homeschool?

As a home schooling parent I am very concerned about the recent case out in California that is trying to make it illegal for you to home school unless you are a certified teacher. I received an email from Shalene Kearney of a Proverbs Woman Wannabe who made a blog post on her own blog about this very topic with several links to get more informed and help fight this.

It affects all parents no matter where you live and whether or not you home school because our rights as parents are being taken away. Sign the petition at Home School Legal Defense Association and there is a petition at ParentalRights.org to sign as well as to stay informed on our rights as parents.

Below is also a video about the topic that has been posted at YouTube.

Monday, January 7, 2008

What if … we are Thirsty?

I just love this song and God has been putting it and it's words in my face through several different sources in the past week. I feel like this year is a time where deep is crying out to deep so much more in my life then last year and feel a need to learn to Be Still and Know that He is God in every area of my life.

Friday, December 14, 2007

What if...You Saw Yourself as a Gift?


Last weekend, I spoke to a women’s group for their Christmas dinner event. My topic was called “The Gift of You.” Every time I do this talk, whether it is during the holidays or another time of year, I get the same response each time. In essence, audience members wonder “Do I really see myself as a gift to others?”

For this particular group, after I finished my talk, I had them go around their tables sharing how each woman was a gift to others. Do you think it was an easy task for them to do? No, it was not. As one woman put it, “It’s a lot easier saying how others are a gift in my life, but it’s hard when the focus is on me.”

So why is it so difficult for you to see how you are a gift to others? Here is what I noticed in my own life and lives of others over the years:

1. Too much focus is on performance. If you can’t do something perfect or well, you have nothing to offer.

2. You rely on people and circumstances to define who you are by what you do. I call these ‘externals.’ These externals will wind up disappointing you because they shift and change like the wind.

3. Your childhood environment plays a huge role in your confidence level as an adult. Whether you grew up in the shadow of another sibling, were spoiled and didn’t have to learn responsibility, or other circumstances, they play a part in how you view yourself today.


1. Think about your personality and characteristics. Find the positive. (It’s so easy to be self-critical!) What have others commented to you. Ask for input if you’re stuck from those who really know you personally and/or professionally. Try to come up with your positive qualities by yourself first. “Know thyself.”

2. Take note throughout your day of your interactions with others. What ‘theme’ do you notice about yourself?

3. Notice the people and circumstances that give you energy where you walk away feeling positive. This helps show you how you are a gift-it brings out your true values and qualities.

Live Out Loud and Merry Christmas!!

What if … we changed our philosophy?

After receiving an email from a good friend of mine I had to share this with the What if women. With Christmas next week, I thought another Peanuts video would be great to remind us to not stress during the holidays but all that really matters is spending time with family, friends and loved ones - those who care!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, November 19, 2007

What if . . . we gave thanks?

Enjoy this Classic Peanuts Thanksgiving Dinner.

Monday, November 5, 2007

What if ... you pondered the Ten Commandments over a ten week period?

I know as I first pondered the ten commandments over a ten week period for the Mirror Mirror on the Wall Book Project, I received tremendous blessings in my own personal walk with the Lord through my own devotions.

Being able to read the writings/devotions of the other nine women who contributed to this book project, I am even more blessed as I now get to ponder the ten commandments once again but from the personal experiences, thoughts and creativity of others helping me to gain even more insight into the ten commandments.

What if ... you pondered the ten commandments over a ten week period and added your own thoughts, devotions and prayers to the end of each commandment?

Saturday, November 3, 2007

What If...We Wrote A Book?

The Question:

What do you get when you gather Ten Women pondering the Ten Commandments for a period of Ten Weeks?

The Answer:

The first collaborative book project of the Pink Collar Club.

Yep. You read it right. The Pink Collar Club publishes our first book ever! And not without the total commitment of 10 women writers not to mention the fabulous Anne Goodrich who tirelessly perfected the graphics and layout for Mirror, Mirror...On The Wall. It's stunning, isn't it? (Thank you, my friend. What more can I say?)

The seed for Mirror, Mirror...On The Wall was planted back in December 2006 but the original intention for the content of this book was NOT the Ten Commandments but rather reflecting the promises of God. As the matter of fact, I told the story of exactly how Mirror, Mirror...On The Wall came to be in the introduction of the book. (I also recorded it and posted it on the Pink Collar Club website. Maybe you'll listen?)

But the "real meat" of the book comes from 10 women who openly (and creatively) shared from the heart the meaning of each commandment personally. But don't look for a dry read. Oh, no. We have Penney who compares each commandment to a 1970s song, Anne who wrote some beautiful poetry, Lynn included "tips" in each of her writings and so much more. How's that for creativity?

I must say that one of the biggest perks of writing a book like this lies in the personal blessings bestowed upon the writers. God used this book to touch the lives of each of us and I believe He will use it to touch the lives of the readers as well. I really do.

So...today is a day of celebration. And, it's also my birthday. Let's celebrate!

What If...We Wrote A Book?

Well, we did!